Motorcycle Extended Warranty

Protecting yourself from unexpected repair costs 

That motorcyle warranties can include...

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Emergency Breakdown Assistance is also available with 24/7 breakdown service, towing , flat tyre and locksmith available from 1-5 years

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Why Get an Extended Motorcycle Warranty from Us?

If you’re considering purchasing a motorcycle, it’s essential to weigh the benefits of obtaining an extended warranty. While a manufacturer’s warranty covers the motorcycle for a specified period, an extended warranty provides added protection beyond that period.

By acquiring an extended warranty you can potentially avoid expensive repairs and replacements of parts in the future. It covers a range of mechanical and electrical issues that may arise during the warranty period, giving you peace of mind and financial protection against unexpected repairs.

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If you have any questions, or concerns, still researching we encourage you to reach out to us. Our team of experts is always happy to assist you with any queries you may have.

Where Can You Get Your Motorcycle Serviced?

All service and maintenance must be carried out by a licensed mechanical workshop

How do I make a claim?

Contact the provider for details of the nearest Approved Repairer

What Happens If You Want to Sell Your Motorcyle?

If you sell the Motorcycle you can apply to transfer this Warranty to a new owner.

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