We have carefully considered the enthusiast who likes a unique vehicle, something not readily available in Australia.  With that in mind, MB Insurance offers cover for US, UK, Japanese Imports and ‘Grey’ Imported vehicles. Cover is also available for travel and transport within all Australian destinations and ports. Express freight also available for parts. Vehicle’s must have Australian compliance and be registered.

For those vehicles that are not daily drives our reduced usage coverage options reward owners with premium discounts that reflect the lower than average time spent out on the road.

Vehicle Marques include: Chevrolet, Mustang, Supra, Ford Utes

What you need to know when importing a car to Australia

Before you take out car insurance on your import, there’s some admin and paperwork you’ll need to organize first. All vehicles need vehicle import approval prior to entering Australia.

You can work out the type of import you’re doing by visiting the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities. Here you will find details of the three ways vehicles are imported into the country.

  • Most vehicles are imported by large manufacturers that ensure the cars meet minimum safety standards in Australia
  • Registered Automotive Workshops (RAWs) can import a limited range of used vehicles on behalf of individuals
  • An individual can apply to import a vehicle. You can check out the Eligibility Assessment2 for what is required


What car insurer options are available for you

Not all car insurers offer policies for imported vehicles. So before your import makes its way to Australia, make sure to do some research in advance.

While some of the larger insurers do offer coverage for imports, often choosing a specialist insurer who concentrates on imported or modified cars can be a more cost-effective option. This is because these non-standard insurers often have more categories for specialty types of vehicles.

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